Campus IT Infrastructure(4.4.2)


LIBRARY Library is providing open shelf system for its users. Studen to present their ID for facilitating students can barrow six books for days. Faculty can barrow unlimited books at time. Separate window is p for PH students. Library timing 10 am to 5 pm. The maintenance upk infrastructure facilities are carried out the support of heads of part infrastructure department. The library is headed by librarian and is premises for UG. the Librarian has supporting staff 2. Laboratory Equi The equipments and machines in the laboratory are maintained by the l charge (Lab Assistant) with advice of HOD. 3. Computer Software and U Computers are maintained in the institution supports of computer depart institute. The computer department gives IT services, up gradation maintenance of website. Hardware, Networking etc. 4. Physical Educa Department This department is facilitating students to make play in sp ground and providing play kits, various games like, Cricket, Kabbadi, Vollyball, Gymnastic, Indoor games like Chess, Carom etc are play . 5. Care First Aid box is available at the medical health care committ